Jared in Iraq

I can’t believe he is there, but Boulder entrepreneur Jared Polis is in Iraq.

He decided that because he is running for congress, he should have firsthand knowledge of one of the most pressing issues facing the country. Instead of the usual ‘read what the NYTimes has to say and give a nondescript position’ (and I can say from many, many conversations, Jared does know his stuff and reads as many blogs as he can handle) Jared did it. Act now, test later.

An old principal of mine had the mantra ‘ready, fire, aim.’ Reminds me of Jared right now. An unprecedented thing for a candidate for congress… I am just speechless now.

Come home safe Jared, I expect some great stories and lessons learned.

As one commenter said:

But from this day forward,
nobody can credibly challenge his guts.
Or his commitment.

I will write more later on important dates to remember so we can all help Jared. Someone I will be proud to call my Representative.






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