Kitchen Cafe Community Night

Monday nights in Boulder are quite the gem. Many restaurants have great happy hours, events and deals to get you in the door. Last night I went to the Kitchen for their “Community Night.” It was fantastic. Such a treat to have next door to my office.

Community Night

Community Night at the Kitchen is much like eating a family style dinner, except your family is random community members, and the food is prepared by chefs that can work some major wonders with food. It is a five course prefix menu ($35 not including wine, coffee, tax or gratuity). It is brought out in courses in an all you can eat style.

The company was fantastic, although I can see it being a little hit and miss (random seating). The co-owner and chef Kimbal Musk was at the end of the table with a group of friends. Nick and Hellen Forester from etown were also right next to us. A very special and fun evening, a great reset for the soul.

Community Night at the Kitchen

Call ahead, reservations required!

Last Call at the Kitchen






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