Kos Crashed by Liberal Drinking…

Last night I had a long drive home to think about the great Drinking Liberally Denver

I was really torn. I met some amazing people, the bad news is that some were bloggers that I have been reading since the 04 election…

Why is this bad? Let me share-

Liberal bloggers have been a sort of therapy for me over the past few years, making me want to know the news, participate in it and care about it. These people were my saving grace and I loved them for it. I had some great images of what some of them were like, and then I met them. Why am I torn? In a way I wanted to have these unmet friends remain anonymous. But really I felt like I was unmasking Superman. You are Luis? You are Kos? You are ? No way! I have been reading you since…


  • Meeting Colorado Luis and talking over some issues with him. Lowlight: realizing this man really does have more intelligence in his pinky than I do in my family tree. Also not buying him a beer. I always imagined I would buy that man a beer if I ever met him.
  • Talking to ColoradoLib after he realized that there were over 30 bloggers there that would write about this event.
  • Talking to Markos about Politics and Design.

At the end of the night Johne and Em Dash and I had a good laugh at Boulder’s Scientology Drum Circle.

My claim to fame:
Myself and Kos






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