Labor Day, half true

I am working here at the Laughing Goat, proud that I was able to get out of my bed. For the last two days I have been staring at the ceiling, sick as can be. Not quite the flu, not quite a cold. When you have that much time to just think (oh, everything hurts) you come up with some really good ideas. You also have some time to read blogs you don’t usually read.

Since I am not sick, this will be an all positive post.

The whole Jean Benet Ramesy thing blew over, here is a shot from my commute of all of the media in my beautiful town. I was afraid I couldn’t use my favorite heckle to the cops “err… don’t you have something better to do” when I am on the hill. That was a close one.
The Media is Attacking Boulder Colorado

NY Times reports that GOP strategists say they are risking loosing the House this year, and will have major losses in the Senate. Make sure to work hard to make sure that happens.

This is the most creative music video I have ever seen, OK Go.

That is it for today, go drink and eat.






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    Very cool videoclip !!!!

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    Iulian Ghisoiu


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