Let’s Do That Again

I hosted and organized the first ever Boulder Creative Commons last night. We had 35 creatives drop in throughout the night. It was a blast, and I will definitely do it again.

A whole bunch of great people (Paul and Gwen from Plunge Artist, the whole villij team, Gisella and Josh from Intermundo Media, Tom from tru.vu, Stan from lijit, Mike from Peerlesslife, Aaron from Trackops, Eric and Alex from King Design, Jim from One By One Media, the two energy workers that I didn’t really get to talk to, James from ByteSize, Marlise and a few more that are slipping my mind now.

A few things I learned:

  • There is some very talented and inspiring people out there
  • Free drinks and food is a powerful motivator
  • If you advertise a party with a blog, you are going have a bunch of males at your party
  • There is a strong desire to do this more often.

Boulder Creative Commons

A very special thank you to Anthony from villij who was a huge help with the final details. Let’s do that again.

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