Living Without

Since I was 13, I have lived without eating a whole log of gluten (wheat).  There have been times I have tried to ignore it, but in the end, I am really, really allergic to this thing that is in most common American foods.

Every restaurant I go into gives me a choice of about 30% of their menu, and that 30% could still make me sick depending on the sanitation practices of the staff.

I went to BeauJos in Idaho Springs the other day after hiking a 14’er, and I had a pizza.  They had an entire page dedicated to gluten free.

1/8th of the menu is dedicated to 1/1000 of their customers.

Why did they do this?  Because the owner noticed he had three Celiac Disease working for him, serving the food that would make them really sick.  They would bring in their own pizza dough, and make their own.  They really listened, and what does that create?

Passionate users.  I will drive an hour out of my way to eat there.  I will tell everyone I meet with Celiac about the great food and overall care of their staff.  It is the best, and I thank them for creating a space where, mentally, I can order off of the entire menu.

Beaujos Gluten Free Pizza

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