London unveils logo of 2012 Games

Ugly London Logo

and all I got was these bleeding eyeballs.

Wow is all I can say about this logo. Actually, I can say a lot more, but that is as positive as it gets.

2 groups should never be allowed to work in the design or public relations: The design team for not telling the client who they were excited to have that their direction was horrid, and the pr team for believing ‘xxtreeme marketing’ needs to come to the Olympics.

PR dept: “I think pink and yellow are fantastic colors.”
Design Team: “You are right”
PR dept: “Let’s use a itallic font for the typeface, that will make everything look great right? It is like we are thinking forward.”
Designer Team: “You are totally right”
PR dept: “This looks awesome, but can we make it jagged like the childerens TV programs. You know, like Bratz or whatever they watch? We need to get the youth excited, you know?.”
Designer Team: “You are totally right”
PR dept: “I read you shouldn’t use drop shadows, so can we just put a border around it? I think it would show us as edgy if you tilted it to the right.”
Designer Team: “You are totally right”

Did anyone on the team think about user testing? Here is a snapshot from the BBC website story, with over 85% of the readers saying it is a horrid logo.
Votes for the Ugly Logo

Where is the hope? The user submitted logo by James Wren kicks some ass (thanks to the BBC website):

London Logo

UPDATE: It gets worse:

London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton said it cost $796,000 to design the logo by international branding firm Wolff Olins.


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