Things I have learned in London:

Pants = Underwear. If it is raining and you come in from outside, don’t say “I have wet my pants.”

Beer = Hydration. Doctors suggest having 8 glasses a day.

Whole country = Paranoid. Not really a bad thing, they really do laugh about it. Explains all the emails I got prior to the weekend.

Refrigeration = Optional. I haven’t eaten a lot here to say the least.

Airlines = Enjoyable. I don’t think I have ever said that. The flight in was awesome, I had the whole row to myself and a great sleep on the plane after a diner with nearly a bottle of wine.

“Would you like another another bottle of wine?”


“Would you like another another bottle of wine?”

“Just one more time?”

“Can you not hear me sir?”

“I can hear you, I just really like the accent.”

Tea = Everywhere. Tea and coffee is everywhere, but it is usually provided. Delicious green tea over curry, always amazing.

Joking aside, I really like London. The people I have met have been amazingly friendly and kind. There is a nice energy and culture. Plus, I love hearing everyone talk, which is a really nice exercise in listening.






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