Meeting up

Over the years I have done hundreds of random meetings from people that read the blog, have seen my startups or know a friend.  They are awesome, but I can’t keep it up.  Too many meetings means some bad ones snuck in and burned me out.  Nobody wants that.  So here we are.

Want to meet up with me?  Sweet, but here are my requests

Request #1

Be honest with yourself and me on why you want to meet up. 90% of meetings can be done in a minute over email ([email protected]).  Need a recommendation on someone?  Ask me if I would highly recommend them, and if I get back to you, I do.  Need to figure out what to do with your life?  Volunteer for or other community events.

Request #2

Who the hell are you.  No really, who are you?  Did you send me your blog / twitter / online bio?  You don’t have one?  You should start before the meeting.

Request #3

If you want to get to know me, show up to an event I’m going to, read the blog, reach out on twitter.  Not to be a dick about this, but I’ve had to many meetings end up with ‘great to get to know you, I might reach out again.’  Being one to one is awesome, although there are only so many people that we all can call friends.

Request #4

Don’t offer to buy me a cup of coffee or lunch.  Hi, your time is valued to me at $2 an hour, cool?  I hate this and while I appreciate the gesture, it is not something you should do to anyone.  Meet for coffee?  Sure, I love to sometimes.

If you want to buy me dinner though, Frasca is the way to do it.

Request #5

When you ask for something specific, and ignore my answer, you are calling me an idiot.  If you don’t want coaching, don’t pretend to ask.  Likewise, I am often wrong, so I’m not saying listen to me or else, just have found quite a few people that like to ask questions to not care about answers.

Request #6

I’m highly alergic to gluten, so by saying ‘can I buy you a beer’ you are both saying ‘I think meeting you is worth $.08/min’ and ‘I want to try to kill you.’

Request #7

Use tungle to book me, and mention almonds in the I want to meet up so I know you can read here.

Request #8

Meetings with “I did this, what do you think / where to go from here” are fantastic and the streamlined way to meetup.  Meetings suggested with “I’m thinking of doing something” are generally bumped to when I think it is a good idea.


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