Meme, Memer, Meams

“I described what a meme was to my Mom, then I had to tell her what a LOLcat was.”

For me, that was my favorite joke  of 2007, and yet last night, I told it again, having to define both terms.

Two memes have been going around blogs (you are a blobber?) and finally hit me.  The 6th photo on your flicker stream meme says you need to post just that.  So here it is, some steps outside a courthouse in Patra, Greece.  The city is interesting in the streetlights are all bright white.   It created some amazing shots that night, as you can see in the Patra photo walk set.  I did the walk with Stefanos Kofopoulos, so tag, your it.  So is Jen Myronuk and Meg Fowler. Perhaps Jen will set up a blog now.

Patra Photo Walk / Open Coffee

Another meme is the 7 things meme.  I was tagged by 7 things about by Chuck Reynolds and Aaron Mentele.  Check out their sites, very cool guys doing great things.

So here are 7 random things about me:

    1. I was on the sailing team in college, this after growing up in the desert.
    2. I’m an Eagle Scout, and spent quite a few summers building trail with the scouts.
    3. Building trail by hand is one of my favorite activities.  I’ve gone 28 minutes busting up a rock with a eight pound sledge at 11,000 ft.
    4. I have a benign tumor on the bottom of my left foot that causes a slight limp.
    5. A used to have a phobia of things pointed at me.  Fingers, pointy noses, sharp things.  Everything was something to be afraid of.
    6. The reason I started a blog was that I hated, and sucked at writing.  Now I only marginally hate writing.
    7. I have a BA in New Media and Computer Graphics.

      Now I pass this on to hillary hartley, Dirk Shaw, Mick Thompson, Kath, Kevin Makice, George Smith and Clintus.

      Those were fun and pretty simple, but this could get annoying (MySpace anyone?).  Here are some progressive memes I wish were going on:

      • Comment Groups (get an email to comment on a random blog, 100 people already have)
      • Flash mob culture.  Organize online for offline action
      • More random.  More kind.  More community.
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