Music and the Creative Mind

I listen to quite a bit of music, generally 7 hours a day when I design. Funny enough, all of it is the full album, not singles or online services like or Pandora (I have tried and liked both, just tend to work from not reliable places to use them all day). I realized last week that I have almost never met the musicians I listen to (currently on my iPod, I have met 3 of the 173 artists).

Why the divide?

I listened to the Newcomers Home Farewell Concert (3 disks) from a show at the Boulder Theater tonight. That was one of the best shows I had ever seen, and “Life on the Road” should be an anthem for anyone traveling weekly for business.

I am not on any band’s ‘street team’ nor have I been approached by a band to help out with their efforts. I know every word to every song of over a hundred albums (connected) but yet I don’t know the names of the musicians that make the songs (disconnected).

Is there anything out there that I am missing or is this just a general? Can we assume that the talent and drive of a bands fans can make a big impact in their success? Who is working to make that connection?

I am listening.






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  1. Micah Baldwn Avatar – its one of the things danny is trying to accomplish.

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