My Book talk at Chautauqua


I did a talk for my travel book at Chautauqua last night. They put us on the state of the main auditorium and it was as perfect as a venue as I could have asked for. Instead of the speaker being up front and elevated we all were on stage. I talked about the process of writing the book, publishing it and shared every number I had with sales and traffic.

The staff at Chautauqua is always world class.

I sat on the stage at the end of the night with a big smile after I did a talk on a book, my book, in a place with rich history and friendships. Call me lucky for the thousandths time.

The curse of the traveler is one in which you have seen so much that you can never really be happy with a single place as your preferences are so broad that no place matches what you have seen as possible. I don’t feel cursed. Boulder is an extremely special place to me.





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