My Mining Cabin

I’ve wanted a cabin for quite some time. It is my dream home. Log cabin, on a stream, with a porch, wood stove and wood pile.

Living in Boulder, that isn’t going to happen very soon (unless someone wants to gift me a cabin or paypal me six figures). I’m fine with that not happening right now though.


I’ve moved my office to the Threadless office space at 15th and Pearl in Boulder. It has been really fun getting to know one of the best success stories in tech and design. I’m sharing the office with Grant Blakeman, who is a designer turned rails developer that practices bending spoons with his mind when he is board.

Jeffrey, a partner & chief creative officer at Threadless / skinnyCorp asked what we were going to decorate our office like. My first thought was ‘put up some posters, perhaps a shelf or two. I can’t remember the progression, but Grant and I built a Silver Mining Cabin in our office.

My Desk

Our walls are the outer edge of trees from the local mill. We will have a small collection of mining equipment, old signage and lighting materials. We will have a few pick axes, hatchets and perhaps even a few pieces of silver.

If you are around downtown Boulder this weekend, come on up to PodCamp, our offices are right there.  We can give a tour…

Flannel will be required.

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