My New Bike (Specialized Langster)

My 1982 Schwinn WorldSport bike was stolen last week. I had ridden it almost everyday over the last 4 years, and was a bit attached to say the least.

Heading Home

I loved that bike. Loved it. And it was gone. Just gone.

My whole week I felt like an 8 year old throwing a tantrum “I just want my old bike.” I had spent less than $50 on the bike, and had ridden over 4500 miles on it. That is roughly $.011 a mile, if you want to compare it to your $4 gas.

Over the last few months I had started looking for new options.

Today I picked up a Specialized Langster from University Bicycles. I rode it around town today for about 5 miles (on the fixie setting) and fell in love again. Rust color and a single speed. One gear. Life is simple.

Photo by adayinthelifeofal

Funny how small things make you very happy.

Specialized Langster

Specialized Langster

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