My Relationship With Apple Is Like My Relationship With The Democratic Party

Brad Feld just wrote a brilliant post on his thoughts on Apple and the Republican Party.

I feel like my relationship with Apple isn’t the Republican Party for me, it is the Democratic Party.  Here is why:

  • Fully support them, they rarely do something for me
  • Give them too much money
  • Give them way too much credit
  • Really hope they will solve my problems
  • Wait for the update for their attempt to actually solve my problems
  • Have a hope for them to take the environment seriously
  • Love watching their keynotes
  • Feel totally sold on their products after watching their keynotes
  • Will wait in lines for them
  • Will randomly comment on peoples blogs attacking them
  • Generally like people that are also fans
  • Think that people that hate them are wack
  • Get press releases with fluff from them
  • Can expect them to lie to me
  • If I call them, there will be someone that really doesn’t care answering the phone
  • Can expect to be pissed off a few times a year at them

And after all that, I am a fanboy of both of them.  What did I forget?

Damn you ObamaJobs.





3 responses to “My Relationship With Apple Is Like My Relationship With The Democratic Party”

  1. Brett Borders Avatar
    Brett Borders

    I was a huge Apple boy for 3 years until the dawn of iPhone / Leopard. That is when the company jumped the shark – and I, sadly, lost my ability to fully trust them. Their motto used to be "Think Different" and now it seems to be "Think mainstream: sign contracts with Starbucks, AT&T, BMI and John Mayer." They aspire to be a shiner, hipper, greedier M$ or AOL type mega-portal more aimed at the home consumer market. I've had rough experiences with my $600 dollar iPhone with a funny headphone jack and non-working bluetooth, my $2499 MacBook pro that required service 6 times and put me out of business for weeks, Leopard crashing or fudging almost as much as XP, and new devices like AppleTV and iPhone that have to be hacked and "jailbroken" to access your own data and run progams of your choosing. I don't like planned obsolescence, I don't like proprietary formats, I ESPECIALLY don't like AOL-like music software that is locked to one store and one line of devices- and designed to frustrate you into giving up your choices. I've you've been doing digital music since Amiga .MODs it's really hard to swallow – but it might be okay for a digital music newbie or aren't particular about file management , flexibility, formats, device freedom, etc. I don't want to dislike Apple, but I can no longer trust that they won't sell their soul to the devil at the cost of my own flexibility and user experience.

  2. Sylvia Avatar

    I thought Apple was the BEST!

  3. Sylvia Avatar

    I thought Apple was the BEST!

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