My Relationship With Apple Is Like My Relationship With The Democratic Party

Brad Feld just wrote a brilliant post on his thoughts on Apple and the Republican Party.

I feel like my relationship with Apple isn’t the Republican Party for me, it is the Democratic Party.  Here is why:

  • Fully support them, they rarely do something for me
  • Give them too much money
  • Give them way too much credit
  • Really hope they will solve my problems
  • Wait for the update for their attempt to actually solve my problems
  • Have a hope for them to take the environment seriously
  • Love watching their keynotes
  • Feel totally sold on their products after watching their keynotes
  • Will wait in lines for them
  • Will randomly comment on peoples blogs attacking them
  • Generally like people that are also fans
  • Think that people that hate them are wack
  • Get press releases with fluff from them
  • Can expect them to lie to me
  • If I call them, there will be someone that really doesn’t care answering the phone
  • Can expect to be pissed off a few times a year at them

And after all that, I am a fanboy of both of them.  What did I forget?

Damn you ObamaJobs.

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