My Thoughts on Ignite Boulder

I can’t remember leaving a tech event so inspired.  Ignite Boulder hit the spot for me and a crowd of 130.

Constraint equals beauty.

Here is video of all the presentations:

The Future of the Mobile Web by Kevin Cawley

Lucid Dreaming by Jordan Quaglia

David Cohen on Angel Investing

Charley Hine with Code vs. Rock Star

John Allsopp with CSS3

Michael Tseng with the Perception of Possibility

Tara Anderson from the mic to the meetup

Ryan Wanger

Phil Earnhardt

Micah Baldwin

Erin Kabbash

Julie Penner on Climbing Mountains

All of the presentations were educational and inspirational.  All of the videos conveniently hosted here.  Also a note, Jeremy Tanner’s presentation is not online yet.


3 responses to “My Thoughts on Ignite Boulder”

  1. jwilker Avatar

    Awesome event man. congrats!

  2. Devin Avatar

    Picture of me, eh, Charley? Voooosnap!

  3. Neil Simon Avatar
    Neil Simon

    this was an amazing event Andrew. inspiring beyond words! thanks.

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