My Top 20 Ignite Boulder Talks

Ignite Boulder 16 is coming up!  Voting just closed and tickets are about to go on sale.

We are busy working on planning out another event, and that got be thinking about my favorite talks.  Many have not seen a lot of the older videos (you can see them all here:  You can see the talks grow up.  Nerdy to swearfests; heartfelt admissions to feats of strength.  It feels like the event has covered a wide spectrum, and developed into the amazing event it is today.

Here are my top 20 (memorable, special, insightful or entertaining) Ignite Boulder talks of all:

Michael Tseng – Perception of Possibility – Ignite Boulder 1

Amber Case – Cyborg Anthropology – Ignite Boulder 2

Ef Rodriguez – How To Sing Your Way Out of Danger  – Ignite Boulder 3

Vikas Reddy -Awkward Rules – Ignite Boulder 3

Brandon Whalen – How to Make a Rap Song – Ignite Boulder 3

Ryan Wanger – My Mom Just Joined Facebook. Now What? – Ignite Boulder 4

Bruce Wyman – Marine Mammal Biology – Ignite Boulder 5

David Walton- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept that a Googolplex is a Really Big Number – Ignite Boulder 5

Reward and Risk – Michael Brown – Ignite Boulder 6

Derek L Olson Cast Iron Cookware: Why your great-grandma schools your ass on sustainability – Ignite Boulder 7

Leela Turnage “How Drug Smuggling and A Run-In With the Mexican Army Helped Me Ace Spanish Class” Ignite Boulder 8

Tara Anderson “Pain & the Art of Long-Distance Backpacking” – Ignite Boulder 8

Gina Bugiada “Drugs, Sex, Love & Environmentalism: 20 things I’ve Learned During My Move…” Ignite Boulder 8

Aliea Herbert – What Happens to Your Brain When you Crack Your Dome – Ignite Boulder 9

Sarah Gjestvang – Let the kids blow things up – Ignite Boulder 10

My Polish Catheter: A tireless search for a cure for MS – Ceci Ervin – Ignite Boulder 11

Snakes and Staircases – Josh Fraser – Ignite Boulder 11

Sam Stauffer – Dealing with Anxiety Disorders and other Mental Illnesses – Ignite Boulder 12

Mary Kuehner – Life Lessons of a Children’s Librarian – Ignite Boulder 12

Kendall Ruth — Creatively Change the World While not Trying – Ignite Boulder 15


What are yours?

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