My Visit to BirdDog Press in Lyons Colorado

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting Alison at BirdDog Press.

BirdDog Press does custom letterpress printing.  I love custom letterpress printing.  At SXSW I was handed two cards that had been letterpressed.

I just ran out of business cards, and have always wanted to have a batch of letterpressed cards.  I don’t know if you are really grasping how much I love them.

So I took some video of how the letterpress works.  Alison has a very eco friendly press (so much that a two year old was around while printing).  No odors, no harsh chemicals.  It is a very rhythmic and quick process.

I also love the way my pictures turned out:

I’m going to work on designing my cards in the next few days.  When I get back from San Francisco, will pick out some paper and get printing.  I’m very excited.

Alison is interested in teaching letterpress classes in Boulder (well Lyons, but Boulder area).  Is this something you would be interested in?

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