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I’ve love the clothing company NAU since they opened, and closed, and now opened again.  They are amazing.

I had some problems with some pants I purchaced a while ago, and emailed thier customer service department asking them if they are still honoring their lifetime guarentee.  I would think a company that went out of busniess would have changed their model, or slightly tweaked it.  But to my amazement:

We’re serious when we say we stand behind (and in) everything we make.  While Nau has gone through a lot of changes since you purchased your product, we’re still happy to honor the original Nau Guarantee and replace your defective ________________ (insert product name here).

Please send it back to us:

Nau Customer Care
710 NW 14th
Portland, OR 97209

If we don’t have the exact item you’re returning in stock, we’ll contact you
and work together to find a replacement.  If nothing is available, we will
issue you a Nau credit that can be applied towards your next Nau purchase.
We don’t have gift cards available, so we’ll keep the credit information on
file here in our office.

Please print this email and include it with the item when you return it to
us along with your daytime phone number and shipping address.

2) In addition to ordering from our website, you can find Nau gear at Ellie’s Eco Home Store.  It is located at 2525 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO.

Bravo to NAU, and their owner Horny Toad. You are the best clothing brand I have ever seen.

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