No Sleep Until… 6 Companies

In the next 6 weeks I will be cofounding 6 companies with 3-450 cofounders. What are you up to?

West Lafayette (October 12-14)
Boston (October 19-21)
DC (October 26-28)
Chapel Hill (November 2-4)
Atlanta (November 9-11)
San Francisco (November 16-18)

Then Thanksgiving with the family.

I am in Indy right now, about to get a ride to West Lafayette. I brought my video camera along this trip, and plan on doing a few clips to show you the actions of the weekends.

On the plane I thought quite a bit about what the 6 weeks is going to look like, and how much I should focus on documenting it.

Video – check.
Audio – check.
Text – check.
Messages written on Beer Coasters – working on it.

Thanks for being here to support me through this. It means a lot.






4 responses to “No Sleep Until… 6 Companies”

  1. meg Avatar

    i am starting my own business, too!
    within the next six weeks, i will find engineers and scientists to help work on the super secret invention that will allow person’s worldwide to locate and create directions to any place they’d like to travel in the world! virtually, digitally & spherically, of course.

    good luck with your 6 companies. i am here for a hug every monday, if you need it 🙂

  2. TJ O'Malley Avatar
    TJ O’Malley

    Andrew – thank you for addressing my entrepreneur class coming yet this morning. As their fearless leader I have tried to stress the humanities side of being an entrepreneur, taking on an investor and suddenly foregoing your social time for programming, strategy, marketing, sales and sales. At 29 and instructing these bright young Freshman I realized how my identity – my personal identity was my company I built for the last 5 years. Business planning, financial modeling, marketing tests and so forth are critical in entrepreneurship, but how do I get these youngsters to understand that personal feeling side? Look forward to seeing you in class.

  3. Andrew Avatar

    @TJ O’Malley it was awesome visiting, the class is lucky to have you as a professor, I wish I had that class in college!

    See you this weekend!

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