No Sleep Until… 6 Companies

In the next 6 weeks I will be cofounding 6 companies with 3-450 cofounders. What are you up to?

West Lafayette (October 12-14)
Boston (October 19-21)
DC (October 26-28)
Chapel Hill (November 2-4)
Atlanta (November 9-11)
San Francisco (November 16-18)

Then Thanksgiving with the family.

I am in Indy right now, about to get a ride to West Lafayette. I brought my video camera along this trip, and plan on doing a few clips to show you the actions of the weekends.

On the plane I thought quite a bit about what the 6 weeks is going to look like, and how much I should focus on documenting it.

Video – check.
Audio – check.
Text – check.
Messages written on Beer Coasters – working on it.

Thanks for being here to support me through this. It means a lot.

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