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I moved to NYC on March 24th, almost two weeks ago.  I’m going to pause my RTW trip here for a while.  I want to work on Record Monsters, a book I’m writing and the start of something much bigger.


As a kid I watched Sesame Street.  I thought ‘one day I’m going to live there.’  When I was thinking of pausing my trip for a bit, moving here was an option I jumped on.

NYC is a phenomenal place.  When I eventually move (famous last words?) I will mourn the loss of the metrocard with a sob.  The food is among the best I’ve ever had.  The people are driven, talented and sometimes even relaxed.  There is a bit of community self hatred I have seen.   I jokingly said NYC needs a ‘Not New York Tech Meetup, New York Tech Meetup’ and have gotten a good laugh from everyone I have told it to.  “Yeah, we need that.”

People love tech, but there are some people in the scene that are ‘powerful networkers’ (what a crock of shit) that push their agenda to the front and shove it down the communities throat that have caused a lot of talented folks to not show up to a lot of events.

There is 100 things going on at once here, so it really isn’t that big of deal, just an observation.

My friend James Azure captured some shots last week that are just jaw dropping:

Grand Central Station NYC


Times Square NYC

I contacted before use just in case you were wondering.

NYC, thanks for welcoming in. I hope to add just a bit.

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