On Burning Out

I burned out.

That is tough to say because so many good friends questioned the pace of Startup Weekend. I basicly blew off their advise and went full steam ahead, scheduling a weekend straight for 7 straight weekends. It took me over a month to recover from going at this pace non stop for so long. A full month to be able to really recover, complete tasks, find neglected projects and really get excited about the project again.

I am still trying to figure out why this is really important. Today I looked back at the pages of notes and figure out lessons and trends I would have forgotten about. I love my moleskins (I give what I would love to get). It is fun knowing that you have grown (opposed to thinking or feeling you have).

I feel like I am back.

***UPDATE*** Brad Feld just posted his commentary on his experiences with fatigue and other entrepreneurs that have burned out. Micah Baldwin also wrote about this as well. I feel totally back to everything, with Startup Weekend Seattle starting in two days, a new startup off to development and working harder than ever to build community, beauty (hey I am a designer) and myself.

So what is the funniest lesson of all this? Listen to your friend’s Mom when they email you, in this case Ginger, David Cohen’s Mother:

Andrew, as a mom, I’m a little worried about you overdoing it and getting sick a lot. You need to plan a couple of weeks in a row where you can recoup.

Sorry Ginger! I should have listened!


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