On Partnerships

The funny thing about the Weekend is the amount of partnerships that have been created. I know and am working with 20 developers, 6 designers 16 PR folks and 6 business developers on projects related and not realated to Startup Weekend.

Lets just back up for a seccond and read this quote:

In the digital age, we’re both hopeful and uncertain about how we will transform the music industry. We know our music’s great and we deserve to be paid for it, but we also know DRM sucks and we don’t want any part of it. How can we evolve as artists and become more open with what we create?

Who said that? The answer and a never released live song from her is below the fold.

One could guess it is from an anti DRM blogger, but it is not. It is from Samantha Murphy, a new friend of the Weekend.

One of the most exciting relationships is with Samantha Murphy, at smtvmusic.com.

I first met Samantha in Boston, introduced by Brian, a Boulder and Boston founder. She came in a blew away the founders with a 3 song acoustic set (of which the song “Busdriver” is here).

Here is Samantha playing to the Atlanta crowd.


Through a partnership with SMTVmusic.com Samantha has called on her friends so that every weekend we have an amazing musician that is with SMTVmusic. Very exciting to say the least.

In San Francisco we have the pleasure of having Dave Lowensohn of SpeechWriters LLC sing a 3 song set. It was amazing, and one of the highlights of the weekend of me.

Picture 4

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