Overwhelmed and Amazed

Quick post: I’m overwhelmed and amazed by a few things that just came together.

I’m at 140 Conf, which honestly, I rolled my eyes at when I heard it launch.  How much can we talk about this, really?  Almost three years of using it actively, I’m having a little burnout.

Today I’ve seen a new wave of folks with a renewed enthusiasm for the messaging service present, and it has been refreshing.

Tokyo was refreshing.  Such an amazing and downright polite country.  Makes me look at my actions directly.  Such a lovely place, the color, the design and the energy just made me feel like a kid.


I’ve been on the road for a week now?  Perhaps longer.  Feels shorter.  Airports have been really fun and familiar, which makes them relaxing.  Jetlag coping is a daily chore.


David Cohen was a brilliant travel partner.  Feeling refreshed, revived and like a kid preparing for the longest run of my life.

That is after NOLA and TribeCon though.

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