Photrade Founder Copies Startup Weekend, Lifts Photo?

Carbon Copy of Startup WeekendMark this under the ‘extremely weird’ category, the founder of, Andrew Paradies, is involved in the project with Elizabeth Edwards creatively named “In One Weekend“.

From their site (with the same design as Mr. Paradies, a default drupal theme, I think)

What is InOneWeekend?

* One hundred people gather to create a start-up venture from scratch in one weekend.

So they carbon copied Startup Weekend, without adding anything new or learning from any of our mistakes. Bothers me, yes, bad taste for sure, but the weird part is they lifted a picture from a flickr user on their home page.

Photo by Greg WestfallIn One Weekend, with a founder of a photo selling site, hotlinked a flickr photo from a photographer they did not get permission from for promoting an event.

I tracked down the photographer, Greg Westfall, and asked him if he was a friend or gave permission. The answer was no.

Great way to kick off your event. Cincinnati, is this representative of your startup culture?

Now that is just weird. They are seeing $40,000 in sponsorship to run a weekend, but say it is a nonprofit. Doesn’t it take a year to become a nonprofit? Is there any foul claiming you are a nonprofit on day 1? I am not sure.

InOneWeekend community values, from their site (I’ve crossed off the ones they have already broken by this stunt):
• Openness
• Honesty
• Ingenuity
• Transparency
• Humor
• Mutual Respect
• Creativity
• Collaboration
• Sustainability

So a kind reminder to those looking to create something very similar to Startup Weekend:

  • Learn from the mistakes of Startup Weekend. We have live blogged, photographed, twittered and videoed the hell out of the 16 past weekends.
  • Our name and logo are not open to use.
  • Please bring something new and exciting to the table. Show what your community has to offer.
  • Attribute when needed (this includes photographers).
  • Don’t be lame.
  • Your event will somehow make it to our inbox, these tubes have lots of eyes.

Anything that I missed?

UPDATE They have now attributed the photo (but spelled the photographers name wrong).  The image is still hotlinked, which, without a link is against the flickr TOU.  I spoke with Andrew over the phone yesterday.  He tried to explain to me how this was a misunderstanding, and InOneWeekend is not a copy of the event.  *sigh*






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