Pitching Guy Kawasaki in an Elevator

You have an elevator ride with a VC, this could be your shot.

See what happens with my pitch to Guy:

Elevator Pitching Guy Kawasaki from Andrew on Vimeo.





31 responses to “Pitching Guy Kawasaki in an Elevator”

  1. Tyler Willis Avatar

    Haha, that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Awesome!

  2. GeekMommy Avatar

    But does he have the shirt? Or will you give him one just for fun? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that, it was fun!

  3. Michael Cummings Avatar

    Dude, that is hilarious.

  4. imelda Avatar

    i have the shirt!! thanks andrew!

  5. Aaron Mentele Avatar

    still can’t believe the timing on that.

  6. Elsie Avatar

    Haha, that’s awesome :).

  7. Matt Singley Avatar

    That’s so good! Where you just scrambling to turn your video camera on when you realized who you were in the elevator with?

  8. J Avatar

    You should try pitching to an actual VC next time. heh

  9. Rob McNealy Avatar

    Dude, totally hilarious. Contact me when you get back, I would like to interview you for my radio show @ http://www.StartupStoryRadio.com.

    Cheers, Bud!

  10. lmayes Avatar

    I love it. My favorite video from SXSW. Great to see all you guys there.

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  12. Julian Seery Gude Avatar

    This is a classic video Andrew! Guy really has a soft spot for pitches. He included my new site on the small business section of Alltop recently after I sent him a tweet and email asking him to look it over. Nice to see a guy that is that busy and successful still take time out for little guys. Have a good one!


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  15. brett borders Avatar
    brett borders

    Muwahahah… Love the translation!

  16. Matt Avatar

    Coolest thing i’ve seen all month. Wow, and all that from breakfast at a crappy diner in bloomington…

  17. Duncan Avatar

    i saw guy’s tweet about this and just learned it was you… hilarious – nice work!

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  20. Brian Wynne Williams Avatar

    Well done, Andrew. Good seeing you down there …

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  22. Jen Avatar

    Ohmygoshors. That was sooo fucking cool!

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