PodCampAZ 08 Recap

PodCampAZPodCampAZ is a great example of the way to do a conference, unconference or not.

They did a fantastic job.  It was just as fun as the stories I heard about last year.  Evo Terra and Brent Spore lead an amazing team of volunteers to really produce something great.  Congratulations to all involved, you made the Phoenix community look amazing.

I spoke on two topics, Leaderless Organizations and 11 Startup Mistakes.  I can put my notes up from those sessions if people are interested.

I attended quite a few sessions, and found the sessions to be really engaging and fun.  The beauty of an unconference is that if you don’t like what is going on, you get up and join another conversation or start your own.

Things I learned:

Some pictures:

PodCampAZ PodCampAZ PodCampAZ

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