Pursuit of Passion

I just heard a great PBS sound-bite, it was only about 30 seconds long, but captured what I want to do with my life. An old former basketball player discusses loosing the state championship, and in the end he claims his life didn’t change, because win or loose the pursuit of passion was habit, and that led his life to bigger and better things.

I am down at Trident for the morning, and have just designed a logo for my company (took me a year to do). I will post it here in a few days when it is finalized. I had a $20 gift card to Barns and Noble, and it took me a good 2 hours of walking around the store to find something that I really was happy buying. I don’t know if it is my stubbornness to not pay retail for anything, or that the amount of books sold there is just crap. I opened up a small business guide that had a picture of a Starbucks logo, and a caption that read “A logo helps you establish a following.” I felt that I knew the majority of a books content by practicing common sense. I did finally find a book that just rocked, titled 100 Posters 134 Squirrels by Jay Ryan. He is a fantastic graphic designer that does some amazing screen prints (mostly the underground rock show poster style, which he is a big part of creating).

I think I will sketch a few of his designs, I would love to develop a style as interesting as his.

Here is an interesting line to end the post:

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