Slice of Lime to Host 5th Boulder Creative Commons

One of the biggest complaints I had with Boulder when I first moved here (August of ’04) was the lack of networking events for creatives (and I don’t mean networking events with suits or fees). While talking to some fellow creatives, we decided to do something about it. Still, this is a problem (the designers at CP+B don’t know the designers at Vermillion who don’t know the great folks at Texture Media).

With that description, I am stoked to say the Boulder Creative Commons is coming up quick.

Kevin and everyone at Slice of Lime has done an amazing job of keeping the Boulder Creative Commons alive and well, the next meeting (the 5th!) is next Wednesday, the 23rd at the SoL offices at 1216 Pearl #200 at 5:30.

It is a low key event. A chance to come together over a beer, wine, or guitar hero on hard setting to talk about design, opportunities and trends. If you do something creative for a living, you are invited, and encouraged to bring the conversation and wild hand gestures.

Bring it.

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