So Are You Going to SXSW?

First off, you have to go. Last year I was a day out and bought my ticket and made it happen. Go, you won’t regret it.

Now that you are going, here are some things to remember:

arial.jpgThe people are the conference. Talk to people in lines, they are your new friends, and designed the New York Times, have you heard of that?

Drinks are free, looks are $5. Almost every party is hosted at SXSW, looking at the Happy Cog guys is $5.

Don’t bring your laptop. Your iPhone will work just fine for everything you need to do when you are on the conference floor, you hipster.

Talk nerdy like you work at a research facility This is the only time of the year where you can talk about any story that reached the front page of Digg and have someone continue the story.

Register late Last year the line for registration dropped to nothing around 6:30pm on Friday. You can get into the panels, including the best one at SXSWi

Don’t blog this  Last year I witnessed a 500 pound man bump into a smaller guy playing a PSP.  The bigger guy said “I’m blogging this!”  Don’t be him.

Learn and Build Drop the ball on that freelance project, SXSW will change you, make you better, introduce you to an incredibly talented and driven group that were also nerds in high school.  SXSW is geek spring break, the week off of fat camp, the all you can eat buffet on your birthday.

And check out another weak attempt at a SXSW guide.






10 responses to “So Are You Going to SXSW?”

  1. Joshua Avatar

    Mark zuckerburg owes $20.

  2. lmayes Avatar

    I’ll be there! Can’t wait! Want to wake up with sk*rt Sunday morning? C’mon! All the cool chicks will be there. Can’t wait to see your face.

  3. Laura Avatar

    I’ll be there, and yes – it was great to meet you in line last year. Looking forward to your panel this time!

  4. Devin Avatar

    See you there. Hope you brought your bowling skills. Denver > Boulder.

  5. Neil Avatar

    Try to catch some music as well! But man I wish I could go network! Jealous!

  6. Jesse Thomas Avatar

    Andrew, happy birthday!!

    see you there, I posted my google calendar agenda.

  7. Joshua Avatar

    Follow the man in the chicken suit…

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  9. Kath Avatar

    I love this quote :

    “SXSW is geek spring break, the week off of fat camp, the all you can eat buffet on your birthday.”

    If you would have Tweeted that phrase, I woulda made it a favorite.

    Hope you are having a blast!

  10. imelda Avatar

    Glad I got to meet and hang out with you as much as I did 🙂

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