Social Media and PR In the Digital Age

This morning I spoke on a panel “Social Media and PR In the Digital Age” at a Boulder Chamber event.  It was a fantastic event, a huge thank you to Laura Love and all those that put it together.

Here was my very hungover view:

Social Media and PR In the Digital Age

Notice the empty coffee cup.

The panel was interesting to be on.  We didn’t all agree, and had different strategies that worked for us.  The audience seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

Things I remember:

  • The geeks have become the best communicators and are leading the charge.  We were right with FaceBook and Twitter, listen to where we go next, get on the front of that movement before tagging onto a dying one.
  • Saying “you should listen” over and over and over.  Your audience will help guide the way.
  • Suggesting the group use FiltrBox to monitor their brand.
  • Techstars has one cultural rule: underwear on the inside.
  • There was a question “what tools should I use, twitter / facebook / linkedin / flickr?”  My response was “whatever leaves you with childlike wonder.”  If you don’t love it, or have a spark to it, don’t do it.
  • I said twitter was dying to this group, looking to learn about twitter.  I more mean that the early adopters are leaving and the spammers are taking over.  MySpace over again.

Social Media and PR In the Digital Age

Then we had round table discussions that worked out really well.  I did Twitter 201, which I quickly turned into “Your social media strategy with Twitter and beyond.”

My points with that:

  • Look and see what works and see if you can match behaviors to your brand
  • A blog is the best thing you can have
  • Listen to your target
  • Share relevant content
  • You don’t own your brand, the customers do
  • You have to be unique to get the attention
  • There are 65+ storefront shops in Boulder on twitter

Great job to the Boulder Chamber, it was a really fun event!

Social Media and PR In the Digital Age

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