Some SW Press + Skribit

Interesting that the Atlanta Startup Weekend, the 10th Startup Weekend, created a blog widget that I really would like to use (and with the rest of you am in the private beta cue).

One of the biggest weaknesses of Skribit is the notion that bloggers should write and readers should read. If you don’t like what a blogger is writing, you are assumed that you need to move on. Why Skribit is cool is when your readership changes, so does what they request you write about. The audience for this blog has changed from a Boulder centric crowd to a crowd of founders and friends of Startup Weekend. In just 4 months I have an entirely new audience to write to, and I will love to try out Skribit to see if there is anything that you, the reader, want to see me write about.

Some Press:


Some amazing comments in there, thank you to everyone that wrote one!


Guy Kawasaki wrote this post, which is one of those ‘I am really a nerd, this is awesome type of things.’ Every time you go from reading about someone to interacting it becomes really interesting.

I met Paul Stamatiou for the first time and was really impressed, watch out for him in the future!

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