Spinning Vision

Andrew Hyde

TechStars is in full motion. This is the 2nd time for TechStars, and a 2nd time for me to sit in on sessions, see the companies listen, learn and evolve. Sometimes you can coast through life, sometimes you are in a chair being spun around as fast as you can stand before you donate your lunch to the walls. In this situation, you still must have vision, but must adjust to the sensory overload.

You must learn to have spinning vision.

Look at everything that is spinning around you. Figure out what sticks out, what piques your interest and is easy to identify with. When you spin around, focus on this. Hold your sight as long as you can, until you have to snatch your head around to try to find it again. Finding out what is right at high speed isn’t what is important, but finding what is wrong quickly is.

By the time your chair has slowed down, you can plant your feet, get up and pick up what help guild you while spinning.

Hopefully it is what you focused on.

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