Startup Weekend Boston- DeskHappy

What a weekend!

I say that every week, don’t I? It has been quite amazing, and my excitement and desire to see this projects success is at a all time high.

Boston just launched a product called deskhappy, a website built on Ruby on Rails targeting people working at a computer that could use a reminder to stretch, breathe, and take a minute for themselves. So many people have unhealthy habits at their workstations and deskhappy steps into a field to provide a helpful tip via a video. Think a health podcast for those who don’t know the term(s).

All my friends from Boulder decided that the Boston weekend was a perfect opprotunity to try out synchronized travel. In total we had 52 founders and over 26 were not from Massachusetts or Rhode Island. People are really starting to travel to the weekends. Seven Eight founders had experience in a past weekend (refounders?) (Gwen, Michael, Ben, Julie, Chris, Jeremy and Jeff) and they showed some veteran moves (I origianlly forgot Paul!).

Jeff Ledoux Blogged the entire weekend, and my fingers hurt from reading all he wrote. An amazing job, with over 100 posts in 54 hours. The Cohen cup fell, and was renamed the Ledoux. Make sure to check out the blog here. Jeff might have the best stories from the weekend, make sure to buy him a drink.

Axon Labs was an amazing host, and is coming out with a consumer product that excites me more than anything has in quite some time. I was lucky enough to try it out Saturday night, and LOVED it. was the food sponsor, and did an amazing job!

The Boston Globe came and observed all weekend, and I really look forward to the article (which should be on Tuesday). I believe it will be the first real 3rd party look at the weekend from start to finish. My personal theory on how to get quality press is to create something compelling, and the quality press will find you (which they did). I was highly impressed with the staff, sharing quite a few laughs and really random moments during the weekend.

For me this weekend had one of the tightest knit teams I have seen through this whole process. There was a dangerous amount of talent in the room, and when push came to shove someone always stepped up.

We launched the same minute the Red Sox earned their trip to the World Series, which we all took as a great sign. Talk about a great feeling in a room.

I fly back tomorrow in the afternoon. Colorado- I will see you soon.






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