Startup Weekend Celebrates 1 Year of Starting It Up

I looked at the calendar, and saw “July 6.”  This looks familiar to me.  My eyes brightened, for one year ago I was in a room above a bike shop in Boulder, with 72 soon to be friends looking to launch a startup in 54 hours.

Crazy what a year it has been.  20 Startup Weekends have taken place, with just over 1800 ‘founders.’  2 major us newspaper articles, three TechCrunch articles, a thousand new friends, half a million webpage views, 5 sleepless nights, 96 days on the road, one night spent at the airport, 25 product launches, one personal dream saught and all for just a manageable debt (SW was self financed off of some earnings from Endoze Design).


I went from an average tech joe to and average tech joe with an ego is such short time, it is really hard to put into words.

But simply put, the biggest lesson learned, it do it. Create something.  Try it out.  Listen to your friends.  Stay grounded.  Work your ass off.  Enjoy every minute of it.

1 Year Since Startup Weekend Started

OSCON 2008I don’t think one post can do it justice.  I have the feeling a series of posts will start to do justice with what I would like to share.  Speaking of that, I am working on a rather lengthy and big presentation for OSCON in Portland in a few weeks.  If you are in the area, please let me know and look me up.

I will be attending BlogHer with some great local Colorado companies and TechStars.

Time to get on a plane heading back to Colroado.  Spent the weeknd attending a wedding of one of my cousins at Yamsi Ranch, the family ranch.

Mind is buzzing with stories to tell, friends to thank and work to do.

Seriously, what a crazy year.





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