Startup Weekend Update

Information Week had a great article on Startup Weekend titled: The 72-Hour Startup. It is a great article that really gets the essence of what the weekend is. It is funny when you or something you are working on is plugged in a few newspapers, blogs and magazines. Some are spot on, some are just downright sloppy. I will read Information Week more now that I have first hand knowledge of their top notch reporting. Great job to them.

BlogSmog also has a great little writeup (with a great title). I have had quite a few blogs link here or Startup Weekend in the past few days, and haven’t had the time to respond or comment. Thank you to all that I have not done a good job of following up with.

We had a great Dev meeting tonight and I am really excited about the team and the general energy level.

Tomorrow is Boulder Open Coffee (Beer) at the foundry. I am going to ask some key folks about their thoughts of Startup Weekend. Should be a blast.






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