Startup Weekends Spreading

Exciting times. 14 Startup Weekends will have taken place by the end of the year. One of my favorite things about traveling to the weekends is finding the heart of the community. Chapel Hill, just announced, has this in their blog:

We look forward to showing locals & out-of-towners alike some Southern Hospitality, served w/a side of tech.

Here is the full list now:

* West Lafayette (October 12-14)
* Boston (October 19-21)
* DC (October 26-28)
* Chapel Hill (November 2-4)
* Atlanta (November 9-11)
* San Francisco (November 16-18)
* London (November 30- December 2)
* Dublin (December 7-9)
* Los Angeles (TBA)
* Portland (TBA)
* New Orleans (TBA)
* Seattle (TBA)
* Austin (TBA)
* Orlando (TBA)
* San Diego (TBA)
* Phoenix (TBA)
* Nashville (TBA)
* Chicago (TBA)

The TBA’s are just looking for a date or location, a on the ground planning crew is starting the whole process.

I travel to West Lafayette Indiana tomorrow (home of Purdue University). There are some great people organizing and attending. I have quite a bit to write about, but I have spent all of my time building infrastructure and communicating with the hundereds of founders. It has been nothing but a blast! I will share some great stories soon.






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