Starting up in Silicon Alley (Session in Web2.0open)

Part of what I love about the Web2.0 NYC this year is the Web2.0open (a barcamp type event right in the middle of the sales floor).

This afternoon, a session took place about “Starting up in Silicon Alley.”

Startup in the Alley

Here are some on the fly notes from what each of the panelists said:

Kevin Ryan

  • Cleantech (and companies associated with it)
  • Also thinks it is the next bubble
  • Lots of winners along the way
  • There is inventory that is always valuable and there is inventory the company doesn’t know how to make of interest
  • 90 of life is having a great idea and team, 5% is networking
  • Create thing big and that create a lot of money (then you have options)

David Rose

  • The key person to any company is the entrepreneur, not the
  • MtoM (Mobile to Mobile or Machine to Machine)
  • Great time to be a woman in tech
  • Check out Gary’s Guide
  • Check out NextNY
  • Shake Shack is the subject of twitter hacks, people offering to stand in line and now have big parties
  • Time is scarce
  • If you have been trying to raise money for 6 months, and don’t have a few bites, there is something wrong
  • Sees a trend that there are no IPO’s

Nate Westheimer

  • What are the markets and how do you expand on them.
  • Data is big
  • Some bash the networking opprotunity, but finds the not ‘just drink’ events very useful
  • It is mission critical that you are a part of the community
  • NextNY is huge
  • Networking events outside the echo chamber are fantastic

Karin Klein

  • Carbon credits will be a bubble
  • Ad supported content on the decline (correction here, Karin fully meant: funding will not be available for content that can’t attract an interesting audience (whether it be a niche segment for which advertisers are willing to pay or enough page view volume at lower CPM rates))
  • Get yourself an advisory board
  • Find great mentors
  • Check out for niche events

Thank you to the pannelists!

See everyone at Wine2.0 tonight!






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