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TechStars LogoBig news this morning!  TechStars will be adding a Boston program for this summer.  Very exciting.

Taking the lead is the brilliant and funny Shawn Broderick. I met Shawn for the first time last week in Boulder, and have a great respect for what he has accomplished.  If Boston had a David Cohen, it would be Shawn.  Passion for startups, grownded, well respected, and an uncanny ability to pull off a bad joke (perhaps I mean ability to heckle, and if so, your turn Shawn).

If you are unfamiliar with TechStars, it is a mentorship driven seed stage startup accelerator.   What is unique about the program, which lasts 3 months during the summer in Boulder and Boston, is the strong connection with the mentors (many of which end up being board members, advisors and investors).  In Boston, a great lineup of mentors has been added, including Colin Angle, Dan Bricklin, Don Dodge, Eran Egozy, Chris Heidelberger, Will Herman, Nabeel Hyatt, Warren Katz, John Landry, Rich Levandov, Bijan Sabet, Ronald Schmelzer, Bill Warner.  A lot of big names to me on that list. Quite a few will be added.

This wouldn’t have happened without Bill Warner.  He came out to Boulder earlier this year, it was a pleasuer to meet him.  His work (founding Avid) really formed my early tinkering with tech, and I can’t thank him enough.

TechCrunch has more.  So does Jason Mendleson, with a much better title than mine: The TechStars are Coming, the TechStars are Coming.

Applications are open through March 21st. Apply now!

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