TechStars Community Party

I am very excited to announce the TechStars Boulder Community Party happening on May 19th.  Get your ticket here.

TechStars, if you don’t know, is a mentorship driven startup accelerator and investment program (where I work).  We have ten teams we have invested in moving into town this weekend, and decided that after they settled in, we should throw them a big old party.

The goals are to introduce the teams to the Boulder community (they all have early stage apps or sites that need alpha testers!) and to say thank you to Boulder for being such a great community.

We will be hosting the finest in local microbrews (and gluten free beer if you are allergic like me).

As an massive added bonus, we are lucky to have The Autumn Film playing the party.  You can download a bunch of their music for free here.  Last month I helped film a video of the lead singer Tifah doing a bare bones version of “JOY.”

Get your ticket here. We have a limited venue and I’m pretty sure this will sell out. 



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  1. Ryan Avatar

    That video was awesome!

  2. Ryan Avatar

    That video was awesome!

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