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It has been pretty quiet here, as I have been working at TechStars day and night. The new teams are in, and are impressive to say the least. Lots of diversity in ideas and backgrounds.

TechStars 08

But most impressive? The excitement and drive of the teams. I have left the office after 3am on three occasions, just in the first week. Why? Because I see the passions and drive around me, and I build off of it. And I am sure the teams are feeling this as well.

What is happening at TechStars is very compelling. Last year, I was somehow able to sneak my way into the sessions, and the advise and mentorship have changed my life.

Why should we keep this content locked up, only accessible to 30 people a year?

David and the other core members of TechStars decided they wanted to do something about this. We worked hard defining what we would like to do, and decided opening up the TechStars Community was a great way to expand the program materials, experience and reach of the program.

Please check it out.

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