TEDxBoulder Is Almost Here

TEDxBoulder 2013

We are less than three weeks away from TEDxBoulder. It is my favorite event of the year.

This year the speaker lineup is really impressive. I could do an impressive writeup on each and every one of them, but that would tax your patience and my dedication on this fine morning.

Josh Stanley. The oldest of the Stanley brothers that have created quite the stir with Charlotte’s Web. That documentary on CNN titled “Weed” is about their work.

Ash Beckham. Her talk at Ignite Boulder is now the most viewed Ignite talk of all time.

Shawn Heinrichs. We interviewed Shawn to speak last year. Absolutely impressive to say the least he might be the most well known underwater photographer in the world. He did a short interview on the TEDxBoulder blog about his talk. I’ve seen the images he is debuting at TEDxBoulder, and not to hype them, but I’ve never seen a more beautiful photograph. Experimental art at its finest.

Check out the full list of speakers here. The whole group is damn interesting.

Get your tickets here.

See you there?







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