The Location Data Your iPhone Secretly Tracks

Apple secret data tracking

Here is where I've been / Apple secret data tracking

These maps might look like what I generally share as travel journals but are from data from my iPhone (tracking done without my consent).  Pete ‘yes I still blog on typepad and love 2006’ Warden and Alasdair Allan uncovered this and posted a video to the O’Reilly blog.

Want to see your data?  There is a place to download some nifty code on github.

Most people seeing this will say either “this is horrible!” or “so what!”  The Horrible camp hating that Apple is recording some pretty sensitive data without their consent and the What camp will counter by saying the data is pretty tame / general / it also has your appointments and contacts.

Now, what can I do with my data?  Do I get a ‘Apple Security Breach’ badge?

via laughingsquid and O’Reilly

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