The People You Meet

The thing that has defined my life in the last year is community.

  • Who are you working with?
  • Who are you reaching out to?
  • Who are you helping succeed?

When I ran Endoze fulltime, I loved getting calls from outdoor professionals (like Steph Davis) that wanted to reach out and connect with their audience through a site or social media (even if they didn’t have a budget to work off of). Working on sites like that made me come alive, and every weekend I get to work with a bunch of talented folks being passionate and working together.

What a dream.







5 responses to “The People You Meet”

  1. Loren Norman Avatar

    It’s been great fun for us, as well!

  2. Blake Avatar

    For this dream (or any other for that matter), please thank a Veteran.

  3. Andrew Avatar

    @Blake yes indeed!

    @Loren wonderful meeting you.

  4. David Sandusky Avatar
    David Sandusky

    People are the cause and solution to all startups little problems. As a former executive recruiter (still am kinda), and a long time entrepreneur / entrepreneur supporter, I know first hand that the people matter most…period.

    Networks are important for sure – a known commodity is a good thing. But often startups have to go outside for a host of reasons for the right talent. And that is where the fun begins!

  5. Clayton Avatar

    Yea I totally agree, without the right people the venture will never succeed no matter how awesome the idea is. I guess the hard part is being able to search outside of your normal avenues for hiring.

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