Thoughts On Ignite Boulder 11

Any doubt in my mind that the event loses a certain magic when scaling was lost last night as a huge crowd of 1300 (with a few sitting outside). Ignite Boulder 11 was my favorite of the series, with polished speakers, social messages, phenomenal venue and a community a man would kill for. It was fun and went off with very few hitches.

Photo by dgrinbergs.

The rush of speaking in front of that many people has faded, both from yesterday and over time. My heart rate doesn’t go up, it is just talking to friends. It is quite surreal. Your voice to many with little feedback, and when there was, it was positive.

We have all helped building something special, and there is room to grow and great things to do from here.

High fives all around.

Photo by Matt Gist
  • I assume most promoters tell the venue that their audience will pack their venues and drink their beer, ours actually does. We went through a few kegs in no time, and with about six events going on at the same time the poor catering couldn’t catch up. The venue ran out of beer, oh the tragedy. Thankfully the audience didn’t burn us at the stake.
  • We have been fantastically laid back with planning, with an event this scale day of needs to be much tighter.
Our great gifts by the Good Apples

What we did well:

  • Hosted the largest Ignite in the world!
  • Sold 1350 tickets!
  • Contributed a whole hell of a lot to the community
  • Great poster / swag to hand out (thanks to the Good Apples and SmokeProof press)
  • Transitioned to a new venue very well
  • Had great speakers well prepared
  • Social value was there
  • The community cares for one another, and we sure listen and grow from them

The biggest change from 10 to 11 was the lack of invitation to heckle or participate. One of my favorite parts of the smaller Ignites just can’t live with a) free beer and b) 1300 people. I don’t think it was missed too much, especially to those that were new.

I’m not really sure the way to ‘grow’ the event from here, but I’m sure the community has an idea. We are sending out feedback and will take it from there.

Thank you to all that support.

Photo by dgrinbergs.







8 responses to “Thoughts On Ignite Boulder 11”

  1. Tekee Avatar

    Such a fantastic event! A big thanks goes out to the entire Ignite Boulder team and dynamic front range community for making this the biggest and best ignite the world! My three kids and I had such a great time!

  2. josh Avatar

    I absolutely agree about the difference in audience participation. When I gave @larkinbc a friendly heckling, I felt my neighboring audience members almost scoffing at me. Based on my previous experience at Ignite 9 (8? 10? Down at Boulder Theater…), I thought that's what we were *supposed* to do!

    I can't say whether it's better one way or the other. Perhaps some encouragement at the beginning one way or the other would at least make “us” (i.e. the audience) unified – in appreciative silence or raucous support. Either way, it'll rock. Keep up the good work, Mr. Hyde!

  3. virtuallybing Avatar

    Andrew, great job by the entire Ignite Boulder crew, as usual. It's my favorite IB so far – great venue, speakers, & overall atmosphere. While I appreciate heckling (the we're friends and I'm busting your chops kind) from previous IBs, I thought IB 11 was great without heckling of any kind. I don't know how you guys will top IB 11, but I can't wait to see.

  4. Posted by Avatar

    “I’m not really sure the way to ‘grow’ the event from here”

    Maybe it's big enough? Chataqua is a great venue, I can't imagine Ignite being better at the Pepsi Center. Sometimes I think we don't realize that things don't always have to grow!

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  6. Kellerise Avatar

    I guess I'd better include a few seconds here and there for heckling when I'm writing my Ignite 12 slides and testing the length of my presentation, just in case!

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