Thoughts On Ignite Boulder 4

Ignite Boulder 4

It has been just over 24 hours from Ignite Boulder 4.  In short, such an amazing night.  But it left me with an uneasy feeling.  Everyone I talked to at the post party really said they enjoyed it, but for me, the bigger venue was a hard transition.

Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics, with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement, and Boulder is hosting our fourth April 29th at 6pm.

A little history, this is the 4th Ignite in Boulder that I have organized.  It was by far the biggest we have had (by nearly 300).  We were not allowed to have beer at the venue.  We hosted a preparty and arranged for a post party.

Sam Breed @wookiehangover Ignite Boulder 4

Lessons learned:

  • I chose to have the BrightKite wall running.  It was fantastic for the first presentation, and quickly went downhill (see this graph).  Lesson learned: fun for the pre event, it takes away from the presentations.
  • Our original venue had 175 seats.  We sold that out in 5 mintues.  The word of ‘no tickets left’ traveled far and wide, while the ‘we found a larger venue, more tickets on sale’ message was harder to spread.
  • I’m shitty at delegating.  I delegated 9 tasks for this Ignite.  5 of those were not done by the person in charge of them, leaving me as the ‘buck stops here, I’ll take care of the problem’ guy.  Stressful.  Anyone that really wants to pitch in, and will follow through on what you want to do, please contact me 🙂
  • Battledecks is awesome, what we did wasn’t full of awesome.  Many ideas on how to fix this one.
  • One shouldn’t introduce and run the decks.
  • Positivity and negativity live off of each other.  When the wall was up, it only took one negative for the crowd to attack.  When it was turned off, the same crowd became highly engaged and positive.  I need to do a better job setting up the event.
  • The intro needs to be an ignite of it’s own, with a point and flow.
  • I should introduce first name, last name and presentation name.
  • Better sound is needed for that room.
  • More community interaction is needed.  People should meet more new people, or this should be encouraged.
  • 4 pounds of popcorn can feed an amazing amount of people
  • Rande is amazing.  The show ran because of him.
  • So many people helped out and I really appriciate that!  Need to figure out a way for more to get involved.

It still  had the magic.  Just not the full amount that #1 and #3 had.  A fun challenge to make the old magic show up with a 3x size crowd.

The presentations were strong.  Larkin has a great post challenging the presenters of future Ignites to do more with their subject.

Here are the titles and twitter id’s for everyone from last night.

My Mom Just Joined Facebook. Now What? Ryan Wanger @ryanwanger
Why Mommybloggers Suck and What We Can Learn From Them Aimee Giese  @greeblemonkey
How I almost died: Traveling sparsely and the creative process Alex Skazat  @skazat
Peak Oil: Does This Mean There Won’t be iPhones? Lilly Justman @lillyjustman
To Influence or Be Influenced …That is the Question Brett Greene @BrettGreene
Fame. Fortune. And Hula Hoops. How To Not Suck. Laura Blakeman @shaktiwriter
“Ye Olde Prince of Bel-Air”, a medieval translation David Mason @davidscottmason
On Curiosity Niel Robertson @nielr1
Mystery Deck Battle @jeremytanner @davetaylor @doylealbee
How To Be A Dance Ninja (or not) Nicole Glaros @nglaros
Confession of a NiteRide Driver Jen Newell  @jennyjenjen
How to be a successful musician knowing that you’re never going to make money selling music Chris Reinhard @chrisreinhard
Everything in life can be learned from the movie Road House Sam Breed @wookiehangover

I had A BLAST last night.  Thank you to everyone that came!

We will post the videos (huge thanks to Craig of Kendall Media Group!) soon.

What did I miss?  Leave it in the comments!

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