Thoughts On Ignite Boulder 8

It is always tough to write about Ignite.

On one hand real honest data is awesome, on the other hand, it is really hard to talk about your baby.  Ignite continues to grow and evolve.  Here are some thoughts:

  • This was the best Ignite Boulder yet to me.
  • Everyone has their take of the event, some love the social ones, some love the funny talks, and some just love the people.
  • The organizing crew kicks so much ass.  Efficient, down to business, helpful and always happy.  Pinch me, they are too good.  Rande, sorry for you not being on the slide.
  • The volunteers are amazing.  I like how we got everyone up on stage and thanked them!  Way to go Kath.
  • The speakers were solid across the board.  I really like the focus on teaching something, then humor.  You can’t bring one without the other.
  • 830 tickets sold.  Amazing.  Really humbled.
  • The feedback has been really interesting, as always.  We really listen and make adjustments and you can see that in the event.  We leave out the comment fields of the public view, but there are many great suggestions.
  • The change of introductions was fantastic!  The organizer that picked the speaker introduced them.  Made it more personal and interesting.
  • Gender equality with speaking slots and crowd was great.  There was a line for the woman’s bathroom for the first time at an Ignite Boulder.  Our biggest critics of being a ‘dudefest’ are nowhere to be found to cheer us on.  Weird.  Our speaker slots are generally 50/50 and attendance 60/40.  Happy with our teams effort and focus on this.
  • The live stream was quality this time and we has ~500 concurrent online views.
  • Our sponsors were awesome, thanks Sticker Giant and Leeds School of Business!
  • All that said, there is a ton we can do to make it even better.  Thanks for the feedback, support and being there.  It is really a special community we have here and I should take more time to just say thank you.
  • Thank you.
  • So happy to have all of you and this event in my life.  Ignite 9 is coming up quick!

Ignite Boulder 8

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