Thoughts on Startup Weekend and Boulder

I took a drink of my coffee this morning, took a breath, closed my eyes and had a nice moment.

Things are going well, really well. Unbelievable fairy tale well.

Startup Weekend has taken off. I am going to launch the blog today, and the general excitement is flooring me. We just might have a national sponsor that would take care of all costs of the weekend (travel and swag). After the Boulder weekend, 4 people make life changing decisions. That is amazing to me. One of my biggest complaints with the Web 2.0 ‘movement’ is “So What!?” Great, another ___________… So What? At the end of each weekend, I expect to answer that question.

VoSnap is in private Beta. Woot!

The Boulder tech community is amazing. Dennis Yu and Lee Kennedy were at a session last night at TechStars about Search Engine Marketing. They put up this really hott ad for the folks (Mike, we have found something for you).

I, along with a lot of the TechStars teams are in a state between being broke and funded; a state between having our idea go big, or go home. This state (oh I wish I had a name for it) is where you are extremely optimistic that you have a product others will go for, but as of now, you have nothing. I first saw this with a film I worked on, Sweet Dreams. Eric, the director, spent years making an amazing film, and about a full year showing the film to studios hoping someone would buy it. He was just one meeting away from a payday, always positive, always looking to the future. In the end, he might just get a buyer or he might eat all the time he spent on it. I notice this [insert term here] that all the teams have just over three weeks from investor day.

An adventure is only good if the outcome is unknown. I have missed being part of an adventure, and being around 30+ people a day on the same path. Now, let’s go to the stars, right after I finish this cup of coffee.

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