Thoughts on Startup Weekend and Boulder

I took a drink of my coffee this morning, took a breath, closed my eyes and had a nice moment.

Things are going well, really well. Unbelievable fairy tale well.

Startup Weekend has taken off. I am going to launch the blog today, and the general excitement is flooring me. We just might have a national sponsor that would take care of all costs of the weekend (travel and swag). After the Boulder weekend, 4 people make life changing decisions. That is amazing to me. One of my biggest complaints with the Web 2.0 ‘movement’ is “So What!?” Great, another ___________… So What? At the end of each weekend, I expect to answer that question.

VoSnap is in private Beta. Woot!

The Boulder tech community is amazing. Dennis Yu and Lee Kennedy were at a session last night at TechStars about Search Engine Marketing. They put up this really hott ad for the folks (Mike, we have found something for you).

I, along with a lot of the TechStars teams are in a state between being broke and funded; a state between having our idea go big, or go home. This state (oh I wish I had a name for it) is where you are extremely optimistic that you have a product others will go for, but as of now, you have nothing. I first saw this with a film I worked on, Sweet Dreams. Eric, the director, spent years making an amazing film, and about a full year showing the film to studios hoping someone would buy it. He was just one meeting away from a payday, always positive, always looking to the future. In the end, he might just get a buyer or he might eat all the time he spent on it. I notice this [insert term here] that all the teams have just over three weeks from investor day.

An adventure is only good if the outcome is unknown. I have missed being part of an adventure, and being around 30+ people a day on the same path. Now, let’s go to the stars, right after I finish this cup of coffee.



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14 responses to “Thoughts on Startup Weekend and Boulder”

  1. Jeff Ledoux Avatar


    I am stoked for you man. Totally and utterly impressed and happy with what you have been able to accomplish. Does this mean you’ll soon be getting a nice comfy couch for me to sleep on?

    Keep up the awesome work man and stay inspired.

  2. Kath Avatar

    So happy for you!

  3. Micah Baldwin Avatar

    I think its the state of the true entrepeneur, where the ultimate belief is in his ability to achieve, regardless of current roadblocks. That the next thing is the right thing, and figuring it out is the best thing. Lets call it a state of “confident optimism.” One just has to realize that state must be ephemeral. Sometimes its the doing thats the challenge, not the thinking.

    Nice work! When you can create an event that fundementally changes 4 peoples lives for the better, you have created something positive.

  4. Jeff C. Avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m a friend of Kath’s. She sent me. Can I borrow “confident optimism” from Micah? I need it for my own situation, which I also just blogged about at:

  5. Brad M. Avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to say I love the concept of start up weekend and I’m excited to see the results of all that hard work with vosnap. One thing though, can someone please do something about the color scheme? A little color theory never hurt anyone and that pink is just killing me.

  6. Michael Sitarzewski Avatar

    Hey Andrew, what I love about your position is that you’re on the right side of the chronological scale with passion and great connections. When I was 23 I had a business under my belt, and lots of great ones boiling. The difference between us is that you’re surrounded by fantastic people that really want to see you (and can help you) succeed. Startup Weekend is a great idea, and I expect lots of great things from it. But I don’t expect it to be the last thing you do… and it is what comes next that is key.

  7. Theron Avatar

    We will work on the word to explain, “a state between being broke and funded; a state between having our idea go big, or go home.”

  8. Stan James Avatar

    Wow, I totally remember that state. (and miss it sometimes!) Your rocketsled ride is just beginning and can’t wait to see where you go. And hey, at least your apartment will be clean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Jon Avatar

    Couldn’t have said it better myself…an exciting but nerve-racking time for all of us.

  10. Will Avatar

    Way to put it into perspective, I understand and know the feeling. I am so pumped that you took a chance with Startup Weekend and now the rest of us (the other cities) have the opportunity to be part of something great.


  11. fewquid Avatar

    My startup is right in that spot between funded and broke.

    I’m just wondering if it is better to be brunded… or foked.

    (I was aiming for something better but my 4:30am stint with the business plan put a dent in my creativity…)

  12. Andrew Avatar

    Thanks to all for the great comments.

    @Micah I brought this idea up to someone today, and the reply was “yeah, it is called entrepreneurship”

    @Kath Thanks to you!

    @Jeff We have 3 people crashing on the couch in August, all at different times, but you are in good company

    @fewquid best of luck with the startup!

    @will I can’t wait for DC. Funny how small circles are, going from Open Coffee -> SW in your town

    @Stan I can’t thank you enough

    @Jon I have a great quote that your comment made me think of. I will post it later this week.

    @Theron Bring it on! I love making terms up.

    @Michael Mentors like you make the dream happen. Without startups like yours, my mind wouldn’t have kicked other ideas around, wouldn’t have gotten involved in the startup scene.

    @Jeff C. The term works, take it and use it well

  13. David Novakovic Avatar

    I’d congratulate you, but I’m too envious. ๐Ÿ™‚ I too am with a startup that is running on empty, but is such a great idea I’m sure we are going to get funding. I’m enjoying the ride just as much as I’m looking forward to that final hand shake.
    I’m also putting the finishing touches on our business plan as well as getting nitty gritty with tech. Anyone want to fund a nifty new web3.0 startup in Australia? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Anthony Dimitre Avatar

    Andrew, you kick ass.

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