Thoughts On TechStars Demo Day 2009

I’m torn between pride and sadness as TechStars Boulder concludes tomorrow.

Really, torn between the two.  So incredibly proud of all the teams who really pulled an amazing summer together.  Here are my pictures from the event today:

I wrote a less than five sentence description of all the companies last year, and will do the same this year.

Next Big Sound – Music analytics across many networks

Everlater – Share your travel experience / tips

Vanilla Forums – Open source kick ass forums

SendGrid – transactional email done amazingly well

Take Comics – itunes of comics, pixel perfect

Rezora – Email marketing for real estate

Retel Technologies– video analytics for retail stores

TimZon – Visual website feedback with features

Mailana – analyze communications, discover inner circle

Spry – Combined development product management tools

In 24 hours many of the teams depart to reset their visas, visit family and plan out their futures.  I’ve heard many of the teams planning to stay in Boulder, which makes me really happy.

A full list by Don Dodge can be found at TechCrunch.


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