Thoughts on The 15 Things I Own

It has almost been 2 months living an ultra minimalist lifestyle.  I own 15 things, and have written about them, but have never taken a photo of everything.  So yesterday at the El Viajero Hostel in Caragena De Indas, Colombia I laid out everything I own and am using: 

The 15 things I own

What I’m missing:

running shoes.  

What I’m not using:

Jackets (hot here, but the one time I used them, they were really, really needed.

Tips / Tricks:

  • My arc’teryx Miura 30 pack has been amazing, but doesn’t have a lot of pockets.  As a quick fix, I found some snowboarding goggle lens bags for my toiletries, cables and cords, and random odds and ends (journal, pen, etc).  

  • The bag is light enough (about 14 pounds with the ipad included) so I can run (really) around any city with no problem.  This has saved many trips going to and from the hostel before I take off on a trip or meal.  
  • Local sim cards and an jailbroken iPhone really helps.  
  • Everything has a place.  Jackets are packed first.  Then pants, then the minibags, then the shirts.   
  • I use the ice axe loops on the pack to dry my towel on travel days.  

Other than the issue of really wanting a new color shirt sometimes, I really am not missing much, but experiencing a lot.





18 responses to “Thoughts on The 15 Things I Own”

  1. ClaireV04 Avatar

    Besides your pack, it seems that everything you own is either blue, black, or gray. Hopefully the vibrant colors of South America will inspire a new shirt in a new color!

  2. Sarah Welch Avatar

    You should acquire a red belt for a little touch of color 🙂

  3. andrewhyde Avatar

    Colors of bruise as my sister would put it.

  4. andrewhyde Avatar

    No more stuff! 🙂

    Yes, I do need color.

  5. Kia Avatar

    Rick Steves would be impressed.

  6. Ben Jeavons Avatar

    One pair of pants, right? Do you have a sowing kit? What have you been doing for laundry? By that I mean have you been doing it yourself at hostels or been going to laundromats?

  7. andrewhyde Avatar

    On pair of pants. Yes. No kit. Laundry either at the hostel (sink or service).

  8. drbillnye Avatar

    awesome dude. what a sweet adventure man.

  9. Andre Avatar

    How often are you having to laundry? Is it easy/hard to find laundry services?

    Also, how's wifi been during traveling?

  10. Larkin Avatar

    Is that a crown royal bag? #awesome

  11. Jennifer S Roberts Avatar

    Super, Andrew! I've been enjoying the pics/updates! Keep rollin' light.

  12. Lucas Avatar

    Why the external keyboard for your mac? Seems a bit extravagant considering the rest of your minimalist pack.

  13. andrewhyde Avatar

    Houses my razor and bathroom stuff 🙂

  14. andrewhyde Avatar

    Laundry at least once a week.

    Wifi is everywhere, always free and almost always password protected.

  15. andrewhyde Avatar

    External keyboard for iPad.

  16. hardaway Avatar

    Wow. You can't believe how awesome I think you are. I would be terrified to do what you are doing. Or maybe not. Maybe I would just feel free. You can always buy things back again if you need them:-)

  17. andrewhyde Avatar

    I really thought I would need to buy more on the road. So far, just some flip flops.

  18. Annie Martin Avatar
    Annie Martin

    Sustainability! Go Andrew.

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