Thoughts on The 15 Things I Own

It has almost been 2 months living an ultra minimalist lifestyle.  I own 15 things, and have written about them, but have never taken a photo of everything.  So yesterday at the El Viajero Hostel in Caragena De Indas, Colombia I laid out everything I own and am using: 

The 15 things I own

What I’m missing:

running shoes.  

What I’m not using:

Jackets (hot here, but the one time I used them, they were really, really needed.

Tips / Tricks:

  • My arc’teryx Miura 30 pack has been amazing, but doesn’t have a lot of pockets.  As a quick fix, I found some snowboarding goggle lens bags for my toiletries, cables and cords, and random odds and ends (journal, pen, etc).  

  • The bag is light enough (about 14 pounds with the ipad included) so I can run (really) around any city with no problem.  This has saved many trips going to and from the hostel before I take off on a trip or meal.  
  • Local sim cards and an jailbroken iPhone really helps.  
  • Everything has a place.  Jackets are packed first.  Then pants, then the minibags, then the shirts.   
  • I use the ice axe loops on the pack to dry my towel on travel days.  

Other than the issue of really wanting a new color shirt sometimes, I really am not missing much, but experiencing a lot.

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